➢ With its high tech hydrogen peroxide free disinfectant MisterCool disinfection cabinet is the new and technologic way of keeping viruses away from us.
➢ Disinfection cabinet can be used safely at outdoors and indoors at locations such like building entrances, factories, hotels, sea and air ports, stadiums theaters, shopping malls, schools, cafes and restaurants.
➢ Automatic misting of disinfectant solution stats by triggering the photocell switch by ones motion of entering the cabinet and lasts for an average time of (user adjustable) 5 seconds.
➢ Effectively mists through 10 points in a short instance.
➢ The tiny fog droplets created by MisterCool disinfection cabinet have an average size of around 2 microns. They evaporate immediately and do not wet the person.
➢ The very large surface area created by these numerous and tiny droplets increases the efficiency of the treatment with a very small amount of water consumption.
➢ Doesn’t cause puddles on the ground
➢ Based on the experience of our expert engineers for years, MisterCool disinfection cabinet has been designed for direct purpose in correctly calculated width and length dimensions.
Non-Contact Face Detection
Fever Measuring
Mask Control